A painter was hired to paint a boat.

A painter was hired to paint a boat.
He fixed the hole in the boat while he was at work, and in the evening, when the painting was finished, he got his pay from the boat owner and left.

The boat man contacted him back two days later and gave him a cheque for a sizable sum of money. When questioned by the painter, he replied that his children would sail away the following day without his knowledge.

Then, when he found that the boat had a hole in it, he became quite unhappy. However, he was pleasantly surprised to see the kids laughing and smiling that evening. “This money is not a replacement for your kindness, but it is a statement of my love for you,” he told the painter.

There will be numerous tiny tasks in your life that you don’t have to complete, but even if you do, goodness is always worthwhile. It helps someone live longer. Someone is made happy by it.

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