Children are like the pencil, Parents are like the eraser

Pencil: I apologise.
Eraser: What purpose? Nothing was incorrect with what you did.

Pencil: I’m sorry that I caused you to suffer harm. You are always there to correct my errors whenever I
make them. However, you lose a piece of yourself as you erase my errors. Every time, you get smaller and smaller.

Eraser: That’s accurate. However, I don’t really care. I was designed to do this, as you can see. I was created to support you anytime you make a mistake. I’m truly content with my position, despite the fact that I know I’ll eventually leave and you’ll hire someone else in my place. Therefore, please do not worry. I detest seeing you dejected.

This exchange between the pencil and the eraser struck me as being quite motivational.

While children are like the pencil, parents are like the eraser. They always stand by their kids and fix their mistakes. They may suffer injuries along the route and shrink as a result (older, and eventually pass on). Parents are still pleased with what they do for their children and will always detest seeing their loved ones in distress or anxiety, even though their offspring will eventually find someone else (a spouse).

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