Second life as a car thief!

I’ll respond anonymously because this is embarrassing. My cousin needed a car, so my cousin and I visited a car auction to find her one. I’m good at locating fantastic automobiles. I do have a rule, though: only take men who are mechanics. Even my spouse acknowledges this and acts as if he is unaware that I was there. While some men try to outbid and outman one another, the majority are decent and won’t bid excessively against two women.

My cousin, however, brought her dreadful boyfriend. Simply shaking my head, We discussed cars, and eventually he came to respect my strategy and my expertise of cars. I discovered a relatively pristine automobile for her that had everything working, no check engine lights, and we bid and won! She was beaming from ear to ear, her partner was in awe, and she was eager to drive her new car.

He waited outside as she and I went to pay. The boyfriend immediately called us on the phone. I’m in the car, I started it, and I’m cooling it down for you people. Please go quickly, he urged.

He drove away once we got in and found him. I’ll admit that I had a few grudges. I wanted to take the car for a test drive to see how it handled, see if it overheated, etc. But hey, it’s her automobile, so she can do whatever she wants with it.

A month or so later, we received a bizarre call from the auction. Ma’am, we still have the vehicle you purchased on the lot. Whaaat? No. That vehicle is in my driveway right now! Naturally, the automobile was there when I opened the front door. I got the make, model, year, and colour from the individual. Yes to all of the above. Bring your car so you can see our automobile and we can check the VIN, the guy said.

My thoughts are racing as the man speaks. What are the chances of finding two similar autos at an auction? (This year or model is uncommon.) Then I recall her stupid boyfriend! We are practically vehicle thieves right now since, IF there existed an identical car, HE took the wrong one. Although I checked the number when we were looking at the car, I didn’t drive it off the lot, so I wouldn’t have known the mileage was incorrect.

In conclusion, there WAS a car that was the same. After being questioned, the boyfriend
acknowledged that he had entered a vehicle that “appeared” similar to the one we had purchased without consulting the salesperson, making the three of us complicit in a car theft. Nice.

From now on, follow strict guidelines. NONE at the auto auction, boyfriends!

PS: The automobile shown above was the real deal. For one thousand dollars, it was a gorgeous automobile!

What happened to the automobile the boyfriend stole? was a terrific question that was posed
recently. The vehicle seen above is that one. I drove it back to the auction location while making a lot of effort to appear extremely “mom-like” and innocent. I was hoping I wouldn’t run into any law enforcement. We had already changed the oil, spark plugs, and detailed it when the auction staff confirmed there were two identical automobiles. It was registered and tagged. They just paid for us to reregister and “sold” us their stolen vehicle. Because they weren’t on top of things, they figured it was their mistake.

My husband still makes fun of me for having a “second life” as a car thief!

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