South Carolina Dmv Bill of Sale

South Carolina Dmv Bill of Sale

Introduction to South Carolina Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale SC DMV form is required in certain situations, but it’s always recommended to complete a Bill of Sale at any motor vehicle transaction. The South Carolina DMV demand a Bill of Sale anytime you register or tag a vehicle with no space for an odometer reading, sale price on the title transfer, or was initially titled before June 19, 1989.

When you sell or purchase a vehicle, you need to complete a Bill of sale form. The Bill of Sale serves as a record of sale and includes all the transaction’s necessary details.

What is South Carolina Bill of Sale?

What is South Carolina Bill of Sale?
The SC (South Carolina) DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Bill of Sale Forms are vital legal documents in the sale and purchase of vehicles in the State of South Carolina. These documents prove the identification of vehicles being sold and purchased. They also provide information about the buyers, sellers, and transfer of ownership. Some free motor vehicle Bill of Sale forms may be needed as part of the registration and licensing processes and may demand notarization.

If you purchase a used or new vehicle in South Carolina, you need to either buy a new plate for your vehicle or transfer a plate from a vehicle that’s already yours. Also, note that you have precisely 45 days to register and title your vehicle starting from the day you purchased it.

To download a Generic copy of the South Carolina Bill of Sale Form, you should follow this link.

You can also download an official South Carolina Bill of Sale Form 4031. However, you still have to get the original SC DMV Bill of Sale form from your locality as a result of the security components on the form when required to complete it.
To notify the South Carolina DMV when you sell a vehicle, you should complete a Notice of Vehicle Sold. This form protects you from liability for the purchased vehicle.

What are the Requirements for South Carolina Bill of Sale?

  • You are required to apply for the Certificate of Title and Registration..
  • You need the title that has been signed and transferred over to you (if applicable)
  • Since the State of South Carolina, DMV will verify with your insurance company; you are required to have the name of your auto insurance company.
  • A Bill of Sale
  • Receipt of paid property tax
  • Identification/Driver’s license
  • You should be prepared to pay all titling and registration fees.

How to Register a Vehicle in South Carolina

  • A title signed over to you
  • A bill of sale
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of residency that matches your ID
  • Proof of insurance
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (VSA-5)
  • Inspection Certificate
  • You should be prepared to pay all titling and registration fees.


The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle oversees the State’s motor vehicle titling and licensing laws by upholding strict controls to deliver valid and secure identification, property records, licenses, while accurately accounting for the receipt and timely distribution of all revenue gathered in order to serve the citizens effectively.

In order to accomplish this mission, the State’s DMV will administer South Carolina’s vehicle laws in an effective, efficient, and professional way to deliver security and accuracy in all vehicle transaction documents and to provide the best level of customer service to South Carolina citizens.

How to Write South Carolina Bill of Sale

  • Name of the seller and the buyer
  • Complete address of the seller and the buyer
  • Complete vehicle description, which includes make, model, body style, year, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • The vehicle odometer reading at the time of sale.
  • Date of sale
  • The sale price
  • Signature of the buyer and the seller
  • A notary public seal identifying the buyer’s and seller’s signature is required.


Getting a South Carolina DMV Bill of Sale is highly recommended as it serves as a recognizable proof of transfer of ownership. It is legally recognized and doesn’t require anything special to complete. You can’t go wrong with a Bill of Sale in your possession.

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