Two children who once lived in a village

Two children who once lived in a village are the subject of the tale. They were best friends for six and ten years, respectively (just like sholay and veeru). They used to play together, dine together, and spend all of their time together.

The 10-year-old child fell into a well while playing one day when they went outside the village. Because he didn’t know how to swim, he began yelling and screeching.

Now, the younger child (6 years old) searched the area for assistance but found no one. He abruptly became aware of a bucket that was rope-tied and resting on the ground. He lost no time in telling his pal to get the bucket and throwing it into the well. His companion tightly gripped the bucket. The smaller child began using all of the remaining strength he had to lift his pal out of the well.

He persisted in lifting his 10-year-old companion with all of his strength until the boy was freed from the well and his pal was saved.

The story appears to be excellent and good thus far. While playing outside the village, a 6-year-old boy saved the life of his best friend.

However, after the 6-year-old saved the life of his closest buddy, they began to embrace, cry together, and become delighted at the same moment. However, there was also a sense of terror in them since they knew they would be severely reprimanded if they told the village about the incident.

Nobody, however, took the story seriously when they related it to their family and the other locals. The families and other villagers were also correct since they understood that the 6-year-old child lacked the strength to move even a bucket of water, making lifting a 10-year-old child physically impossible for him.

One individual in the village did, however, think that the occurrence was real. One of the most astute residents of the hamlet, Rahim Chacha was known to all.

Everyone in the village believed that this man never told a falsehood and that if he believed this story to be true, there must be a justification for his assertions.

All of them went to Rahim Chacha and questioned him about how this was possible.

He laughed and informed the locals that the two children had already described what had happened and how a 6-year-old child had saved his closest friend from the well. What ought he to say?

The peasants began examining one another. Rahim Chacha abruptly said that…

It’s not an issue of “How did that 6-year-old do that?

Why is he able to do this is the question.

To carry the 10-year-old child out of the well, how does he have that much freaking strength?

To this question, there is only ONE ANSWER:

There was nobody around or even far away to tell the 6-year-old that he shouldn’t lift his 10-year-old best friend at that point.

No one, he claimed, not even himself, was present to prevent him from carrying out his plan.

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