Virginia DMV Bill of Sale

Virginia DMV Bill of Sale

Introduction to Virginia Bill of Sale

In the state of Virginia, the minimum Motor Vehicle Sales and Tax is computed based on the trade-in value provided in the NADA Official Used Car Guide. If the vehicle to be sold is five model years old or newer, you will have to present either an Affidavit for Procurement of Title or use a VA DMV Bill of Sale Form. The Virginia DMV Bill of Sale must be signed by both parties to the transaction and include the complete vehicle description, VIN, and sale date.

What is Virginia Bill of Sale?

The Virginia DMV Bill of Sale Forms is considered legal documents that prove the lawful purchase and sale Vehicles in the state. The forms provide information concerning the buyer, seller, buyer, change of ownership, and identifiable information regarding the vehicle to be sold. However, some documents may require notarization.

You can follow this link to download and print a generic Virginia DMV Bill of Sale.

What are the Requirements for Virginia Bill of Sale?

  • You are required to apply for the Certificate of Title and Registration..
  • You need the title that has been signed and transferred over to you (if applicable)
  • Since the State of Virginia, DMV will verify with your insurance company; you are required to have the name of your auto insurance company.
  • A Bill of Sale
  • Receipt of paid property tax
  • Identification/Driver’s license
  • You should be prepared to pay all titling and registration fees.

How to Register a Vehicle in Virginia

  • A title signed over to you
  • A bill of sale
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of residency that matches your ID
  • Proof of insurance
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (VSA-5)
  • Inspection Certificate
  • You should be prepared to pay all titling and registration fees.

Vehicle Sellers Must

  • Sign the vehicle title over to the buyer – On the front and in Section A of the title, sign your name and provide the buyer’s name and address, including the odometer reading of the vehicle. In case you are donating the vehicle, write “charitable gift” on the title as the sale price. But if you are selling, fill-in the “Sales Price” in Section A.
  • Transfer the title to the buyer – Hand over the vehicle title to the buyer and make sure the buyer completes it with name, signature, and address.
  • Remove your license plates – if you bought a replacement vehicle, you could transfer your old plates to the replacement vehicle. And if you choose not to move the plates to another vehicle, you must return them to the state’s DMV customer service center.

Note: if you still have a full six months or more in your vehicle registration period, you may get a refund by returning the vehicle plates to the state’s DMV. All you have to do is complete an Application for Vehicle Registration Refund Form and mail it with your license plates to the form’s address. You need to contact the state’s DMV, indicating that the plates are currently inactive.

  • You have to notify the State of Virginia DMV stating that you have sold, donated, or traded your vehicle. This can be achieved by going online or visiting their customer service centre or by a phone call.

Furthermore, insurance companies notify the state’s DMV whenever they add, cancel, or write new motor vehicle coverage. This implies that if your insurance company should cancel liability coverage on your vehicle for any reason, the Virginia DMV record will indicate that your registered vehicle is uninsured. Since it is illegal to possess an uninsured registered vehicle, the state’s DMV will most likely suspend your vehicle registration privileges and driver’s license.

Notice For Buyers

As a buyer, you must notify your insurance company after purchasing or receiving a vehicle as a present. Although you sold another vehicle, you can transfer insurance coverage to the new vehicle by providing all the required information to your insurance company. Also, ensure to obtain liability insurance for the vehicle before you go on to register it with the state of Virginia DMV and ensure to transfer the old plates or purchase new plates for it.

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